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A Low-Cost Website Redesign & Storybrand for a St. Louis Business. See how we did it!

It's no secret that small businesses everywhere are taking a careful look at budgets and overhead costs to make sure they are only spending on what works, and eliminating what doesn't. Marketing budgets are no exception, including website redesign, company Storybrand content, and digital communication.

This year we worked with a local St. Louis business to make only the most crucial updates and improvements to their website and digital presence as a whole. Exceptional Energy Solutions (EES) is a commercial solar, LED lighting, and energy conservation company based in Imperial, MO. They are a growing company passionate about helping other businesses save money. They do this by finding solutions to improve energy usage and reporting for commercial facilities, office buildings, and retail spaces . Kenny Noel, Director of Solar, reached out to Hot House Digital with the goal of improving EES's online presence and reputation online. So, we got to work creating a plan that would work!

Exceptional Energy Solution's website was previously outdated and plain. It had been designed by a friend-of-a-friend several years prior, and not much thought was put into the content, graphics, or user experience. One simple Google analytics report showed that the company hadn't spent much time on enhancing the digital performance of their brand. We wanted to make sure the website was easy to understand and navigate for website visitors. We also needed to make several key improvements to the overall digital presence of Exceptional Energy Solutions online, to help clients find and contact EES on desktop and mobile devices.

First, we started by writing custom content for EES, following the Storybrand framework for telling a brand's story in a compelling way. This text gives the audience a clear understanding of the company's purpose and services. Once the new content was finalized and approved, we used it to redesign the website to include fresh, easy to understand graphics and navigation.

The photo below shows the new homepage redesign that elevates the company's logo and branding to feel professional and modern, without distracting from the core Storybrand messaging.

Then, we updated company information and business profiles online for EES, to help them rank higher in search, and to improve visibility online. EES now has a website they are excited about, and Google reports show that more and more people are finding them online. We stayed within the limited budget while focusing on core improvements built to last, that we can continue to make progress, as budget allows.

Now more than ever, it's important that website maintenance and improvement packages are focused on the most crucial elements first. Small businesses don't have unlimited budgets. Our marketing plans are realistic when it comes to spending. Whether your budget is $800 or $80,000 for a marketing project, that money needs to be spent wisely. Website redesigns are popular with small business in St. Louis as a low-cost ways to maintain a professional brand image while also having a professional website designer analyze the overall health of your website at the same time.

We're here when you need ideas on refreshing or redesigning your website. It doesn't take an outlandish budget to communicate clearly with clients online! We are a small marketing team that can put even the smallest marketing budgets to good use. Email us to get the ball rolling!

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