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Omnichannel Marketing for The Smile Co. Dental Office in St. Louis

Updated: May 14, 2021

We work with small, family-owned businesses frequently. When The Smile Co. in Maryland Heights, MO reached out to us for marketing support, we were excited to work with the husband & wife team.

Marketing for a dental office is unique in several ways. Most people are afraid of going to the dentist, and infrequent visits can make the process more painful for the patient. You also promote difference services for patients based on age and health. Maryland Heights is a family-oriented suburban community, and The Smile Co. treats dental patients of all ages.

The Smile Co. wanted to make sure all marketing messaging was approachable, friendly, and even fun. We wanted all patients to feel welcome and comfortable at each touchpoint. You can feel the "smiley energy" as soon as you step foot into their friendly office!

Sally Evans and the Hot House Digital creative team captured this fun-loving persona in our omnichannel marketing approach, featuring graphic designs, paid ad campaigns, and postcard mailers for dental appointment reminders and special offers.

Working with The Smile Co., we knew that the in-office experience was just as important as digital marketing messaging, and the two needed to be aligned. We created signage, new procedures, and even a selfie booth so that people could show off their beaming smile on social media. Who doesn't love a selfie?!

Once we had core branding and personality shining for The Smile Co., we coordinated a client appreciation party for their top dental patients and their families. A food truck, prize giveaway, and health-focused swag bags were just what the doctor ordered to help this dental office shine bright compared to their competition.

Engaging with your audience should always reach beyond digital messaging. Brand storytelling must be connected to the overall experience your customers experience when they hire you, or purchase a product. Hot House Digital connects the dots between digital marketing and overall client experience to ensure cohesive messaging.

If you're looking for a dental office in St. Louis, we highly recommend The Smile Co. And, if you're looking for practical digital marketing solutions for your small business, we welcome the opportunity to explore creative ideas with you and your team! Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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