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Planning a Restaurant Grand Opening on a Tight Deadline (our work with a Dairy Queen franchisee)

Updated: May 14, 2021

The restaurant industry is competitive and incredibly dynamic. Foodie trends are constantly evolving, and if you're launching a new restaurant you need to get creative to stand out.

Hot House Digital thrives on fast-paced work, so when a Dairy Queen franchisee found us on Google to run a successful grand opening for a new restaurant location in St. Louis, we pounced on the project.

Dairy Queen is already a household name in St. Louis. People love the seasonal blizzards, satisfying meals, and ready to take home ice cream cakes. To get our local audience engaged and excited about a new restaurant opening in the neighborhood, we focused on visitor experience and digital marketing to make this two month marketing campaign successful.

When you think of Dairy Queen, you think of ice cream, right? Us, too.

One of the challenges we faced is to get our local audience thinking about more than just ice cream. Our franchisee client wanted customers coming in to order meals, celebration cakes, to-go Dilly bars, and even "pup cups" for their four-legged friends. So, we produced graphics that blended the most popular menu items with the most profitable menu items.

Cost and marketing spending is always a concern for any small business owner. Hot House Digital brought creative, affordable solutions to this Dairy Queen Grand Opening event. The marketing tasks we completed had a big focus on "tried and true" organic marketing concepts that are proven to be successful for long-term success, well past a weekend event.

We always make sure our award-winning clients get the value they expect from hiring a marketing agency or consultant. If you're frustrated with your current marketing plan or want to see a better ROI on your marketing and advertising spending get in touch with us, to start the conversation on bringing more value and authenticity to your business.

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