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Evergreen Video Content for Landscapers like Quiet Village Landscaping

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

An evergreen video is a great marketing tool for any small business. What is an evergreen video, anyway?

Evergreen videos are created to stay relevant well beyond 30 days or more. This might be a services video, an instructional video, or a classic "About Us" video. Hot House Digital works to create custom videos that are not only affordable, but can be shared and featured over and over again.

Our digital marketing client Quiet Village Landscaping is a sustainability-focused landscaping company in St. Louis. As a small business, they work within a modest marketing budget. All digital marketing projects need to be high value, so we got to work creating a series of services-focused videos, like this outdoor living construction video.

We shot on location at several different project sites across the St. Louis-area. This allows the video to highlight unique aspects of landscaping construction projects that Quiet Village Landscaping can work on; everything from a new patio space to a renovated backyard pool paradise. The video is brief, high energy, and gives viewers a glimpse at what they can expect from this award-winning landscaping company.

This video can be shared across multiple channels and platforms online, like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. We featured this video in a summer video ad campaign on Facebook, with an excellent ROI for the leads we received from the paid campaigns.

Best of all, this video can be used year after year! Landscape construction is a seasonal service, especially during harsh winter conditions and snow. The video can be published and shared now, then re-shared in spring or summer of 2021 when new customers are again looking for outdoor living construction improvements.

As more people are spending more time on social media, evergreen videos will become more important to visually represent your brand, services, and product offerings to your customer's. Right now, we are shooting and producing evergreen videos for digital marketing clients starting at $2,000. To get the most value from your footage, we edit and re-edit your content so that you have several styles of videos that will work best for your business. Get a video like the one above for your business now, by reaching out to us to get a free estimate or marketing consultation, from the award-winning team at Hot House Digital.

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Unknown member
Jun 27, 2023

Quiet Village Landscaping breaks down different lighting options and offers tips for achieving stunning nighttime visuals.

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